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Receive the program development, auditing, risk management, and litigation support you need by calling on Frank B. Friedman & Associates, LLC, of Chevy Chase, Maryland. Our team provides the environmental, health and safety management and risk management consulting you need to stay on the right track. Contact us to receive more details.


Program Development & Strategic Advice

Frank B. Friedman & Associates, LLC acts as a fresh pair of eyes for companies, law firms and EHS executives in reviewing programs, procedures, and evolving issues. We also examine the broader ranged integration issues that drive environment, health, safety and process safety risk managment such as managment of change and sustainable development. Our view is that if you have  a strong managment system in place, compiance follows. But if you manage solely for compliance, your managment system  is deficient and not integrated into the operations and culture of the business. We draft new procedures and assist in developing complete environment and safety manuals for companies in a variety of fields.

Our Clients Work In:

• Chemicals
• Manufacturing
• Oil & Gas Exploration & Production
• Power & Energy
• Pharmaceuticals
• Consumer Products
• Construction
• Mining
• Manufacturing
  • Automobie
  • Engines
  • Pipes 

• Hospital Care
• Engineering


Environmental, Health, & Safety Auditing

Frank B. Friedman & Associates, LLC, has recently participated in and has overseen audits completed by Ashland™. We monitored compliance for all operations for Ashland and participated in more than 100 audits at Elf™ and Occidental™as well as numerous audits/assessments for clients. Frank Friedman is a certified BEAC Health & Safety Auditor. He has given a keynote speech for the Environmental Auditing Roundtable meeting and is part of a four-person task force for the Board of Envirnment, Health and Safety Auditor Certificatons (BEAC) that revised the BEAC auditing standards. He also gave talks at the Auditing Roundtable meetings. See Integration and Culture--The Linchpins for Corporate Success and Governance in a Scary World for more of his work (link below).

His book,  Practical Guide to Environmental Management (first edition 1988, 11th edition 2011, 12th eidition (with John C. Cruden) to be published in 2022), Environmental Law Institute), includes comprehensive coverage of auditing in all its shapes and forms. He has written the Chapter on Audits in the legal treatise, Law of Environmental Protection (Environmental Law Institute, latest revision 2020). He was also the leadoff speaker, at EPA's request, when EPA held its hearings to consider revisions to its auditing policy.

Risk Management

Development of a “risk based” culture will provide the sustainability necessary to assure that EHS is fully integrated into the company management culture. Most significantly, the institution of a risk based culture will provide the base for any systematic approach to EHS management that will work best with the changing goals of the company, assure compliance and allow a systematic approach to EHS to become the readily accepted way of doing business. In essence, this approach, which I have used successfully both in-house and with clients, is an operations and overall business inclusive approach to achieving the targeted EHS objectives.For additional detail on process safety/risk management see Frank Friedman, Practical Guide to Environmental Management (11th edition 2011, Environmental Law Institute) at pages 144-151. See also Frank Friedman,  Integration and Culture-The Linchpins for Corporate Success and Governance in a Scary World  (Environmental Auditing Roundtable, September 2004) (link below).

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