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When you're dealing with environmental and safety and risk management issues, turn to Frank B. Friedman & Associates, LLC, for the support you need. We offer everything from program development and risk management for companies to litigation support and expert witness services for law firms to address your specific needs. Our team has extensive experience from the beginning of modern EHS managment in the 1970s through the present and provides consulting for environmental, health, and safety, including process safety, management/risk management and compliance issues. We're located in Chevy Chase, Maryland, and serve clients worldwide.

Find out more about our environmental, health and safety management consulting services and litigation support  by contacting us in Chevy Chase, Maryland.

About Us

Frank B. Friedman & Associates, LLC, is an environmental, health, safety and risk management consulting firm based in Chevy Chase, Maryland. We offer diverse services to improve your management processes and assist in assuring compliance with laws and regulations.

It is important to find a consultant that is sensitive to your needs and will supply the appropriate expertise. Some consulting firms offer the services of particular individuals who are subsequently not available. Others are not sensitive to operational issues. When you hire me, you get my services. In essence, "what you see is what you get." My broad experience inside corporations and as part of senior management also makes my work and cost effectiveness sensitive to client needs.

Through my associates, as well as relationships with other firms, I can also bring as wide a variety of expertise as may be necessary for the job.

We view each consulting engagement as unique. While we take advantage of our broad ranged experience, we do not engage in a "cookie cutter" approach. We examine what will work for each individual client and the client's culture and tailor our advice and products to meet those needs.

The following articles will also give a clear picture of our philosophy and approach:

1.   Profile-He Wrote The Book On It), 19 Environmental Forum 36 (September-October 2002) Interview with Frank Friedman. See link below.

2.   Teaching the Business Case, 31 Environmental Forum 34 (November/December 2014). This article describes how environmental, health, and safety managers must educate their companies that if a firm addresses only compliance, it has an incomplete EHS system. But if it has a risk-based regime integrated into the corporate culture, compliance and greater profitability, will follow. See link below.

3.  Environmental Management Systems-Managing Cost Effectively While Assuring Compliance, 10 Corporate Environmental Strategies, 2-117 (June 2003).This article addresses how and why EHS management systems work or do not work, what is needed for successful systems, and what managers, in house and outside counsel can do to improve the odds. See link below.

Our Clients & Services

Most of our work is confidential or privileged for large national and multinational corporations and law firms, There are some exceptions including the work we did for the U.S. probation officer in the Ashland™ environmental criminal matter. (see Litigation Support and Expert Witness Services) However, when you contact us, we are able to provide appropriate references for specific services.

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